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Problems, problems but is this the solution?

The industry has some key memorable projects that will retain their status as not only impressive structures but unfortunately for them, for their legacy of considerable failings whether financial or delays or both…… One such project was the Sydney Opera House, which took ten years longer to build than originally planned, fell short on the interior design from the original architectural concept but still ran over budget more than fourteen times the original cost estimate. Quite an achievement, in all ways, in the 1950’s and 1960’s. Thus the relatively new Wembley Stadium project was fairly successful by comparison, achieving the overall design ethos, however the overrun of almost one year in construction after a delay to the start due to legal wrangling of three years followed by a ‘significant loss’ to the main contractor, means that it will be recorded in history as a problem job and not least for the case law that developed from the plethora of disputes and arguments that raged for years after its completion.

We had a subcontractor approach us after working on the stadium and nearing the completion date, he had issues and challenges with the main contractor and sought our opinion on his contractual position given the events that were publically aired and his own records and experiences (mainly bad, it has to be said).

In brief, he had left it too late in approaching us since the particularly onerous subcontract documentation, which he had accepted and signed, was heavily biased in favour of the main contractor. This was so much so, that barrs to entitlement for delay matters and the recovery of loss and expense meant that we had to advise him that any fee work was likely to result in wasted effort and time that would not likely reap any benefit to him or his company. Reluctantly these conditions precedent had prevented recovery although it was clearly public knowledge that delays had occurred on the project….. We could only advise him that in future he should allow us to briefly consider the subcontract conditions before signing up to them and once on site act swiftly regarding any delay or losses at the time when they occurred rather than leaving them to the end and coming unstuck again.

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